Bosny 500mL Mold Release Silicone Spray

৳ 700.00

  • Mold Release Silicone Spray
  • Brand: Bosny
  • Pack Size: 500mL
  • Made in China


This is the Bosny 500ml mold release silicone spray Treadmill Silicone Oil Lubricant For Treadmill Lub.

  • Preventive Maintenance Lubrication
  • Decreases friction under the walking belt
  • Prolongs motor life as it does not have to work so hard
  • Stops Sticking and Squeaking
  • Waterproofs all surfaces from sweat
  • Water Based Silicone Spray Lubricant
  • Does not attract moisture
  • Does not contain Petroleum Distillates which will harm the belt
  • Does not attract moisture
  • Never Gums Up
  • 500 grams) spray can
  • Includes easy application straw
  • Made in China




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