Biggan Box, Onnorokom Science Box for The Flash of Magnet (Chumbuker Chomok)

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  • Onnorokom Biggan Bakso (Chumbuker Chomok)
  • Science Box for Flash of Magnet
  • 26 Experiments in 1 Box
  • 19 Instruments with User Guide
  • This box is ideal for 7 – 16 Years Children
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Onnorokom Biggyan Baksho (Cumbuker Chomok) – Science Box for Flash of Magnet

Why does your child need a flash of Magnetic science box?

  • Can do 26 science experiments related to Magnet.
  • Be able to participate in science fairs by creating new experiments.
  • Will be able to come out of memorization.
  • They are reading these experiments in science books of different classes or will read them in the future.
  • As a result of the pen in hand, you will be able to understand the issues related to Magnet very well.


Two Homogeneous Magnet Repel Each Other, What if they are always held back?

To awaken these awesome questions the magnet flashes the science box.

The Magnet Flashes are Inside The Box :


Total 15 Materials

  1. Bar Magnet
  2. Neodymium Magnet
  3. Iron Powder, Compass
  4. Switch
  5. James Clip
  6. Ring Magnet
  7. Toy Crocodile
  8. Toy Superman
  9. Pencil
  10. Motor
  11. Red Switch
  12. Thread
  13. Foam
  14. Oval Magnet
  15. Ring Magnet

40 Page Color Manual Book. A colorful 40-page detailed manual so that you can do the experiment yourself. There are detailed descriptions and methods with pictures on how to do each experiment.

Video tutorial cd, CD so that you can experiment by watching videos in your own home.Video tutorials on all the experiments.

Total 26 Experiments

All the experiments are, The rest of the experiments are :

  1. Attraction and repulsion
  2. Directional religion
  3. The force of repulsion is
  4. Chuck Chuck is not a kiss
  5. Destruction of magnetism
  6. Time or not waiting for someone
  7. Pole diagnosis
  8. Magic Motor
  9. From large magnets to baby magnets
  10. To move an object without touching it
  11. Increasing the power of the electromagnet
  12. Jumps
  13. Flying Superman
  14. Magnetic generator
  15. Catch fish without touching the water
  16. Truth is a game of lies
  17. Magnet Music
  18. Magnetic Nikti
  19. Slow Motion Magic

Whatever you learn

Each experiment is based on one or more chapters in a science textbook for grades four through ten. So no matter what age you give your child the lightbox science box, it will come in handy and stay one step ahead.

  1.  1 experiment – 4th-grade science books related
  2.  4 experiment – 5th-grade science books related
  3.  9 experiment – 7th-grade science books related
  4. 12 experiment – 9th-grade science books related

Things to understand better about :

  1. The attraction and repulsion of the magnet.
  2. Geomagnetic effect.
  3. Magnetic force line.
  4. Magnetic and non-magnetic substances.
  5. Magnification.
  6. Curry temperature.
  7. Domain.
  8. Electromagnetic.




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