Biggan Box, Onnorokom Science Box for The Mystery of Chemistry

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  • Onnorokom Biggan Bakso (Rosayon Rohosso)
  • Science Box for The Mystery of Chemistry
  • 20 Experiments in 1 Box
  • 15 Instruments with User Guide
  • This box is ideal for 7 – 16 Years Children
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Onnorokom Biggyan Baksho (Roshayon Rohosso) – Science Box for Mystery of Chemistry

Why does your child need a Mystery of Chemistry science box?

  • Can do 20 science experiments related to the mystery of chemistry.
  • Be able to participate in science fairs by creating new experiments.
  • Will be able to come out of memorization.
  • They are reading these experiments in science books of different classes or will read them in the future.
  • As a result of the pen in hand, you will be able to understand the issues related to the mystery of chemistry very well.


Is it possible to explain, so well without chemistry how many extraordinary scenes can be created with very ordinary objects around us?

Chemistry Mystery box to introduce you to this extraordinary beauty of chemistry.

The Chemistry Mystery is inside the box


Total 15 materials

  1. Rubber ball
  2. Food color
  3. Dish cleaner
  4. Glycerin
  5. Vicar
  6. Calbo C tablet
  7. Copper sulfate
  8. Candle
  9. Plastic dropper
  10. Baking powder

22-Page Color Manual

A colorful 22-page manual, So that you experiment on your own. There are detailed descriptions and methods with pictures of how to do each experiment.

A Total Of 20 Great Experiments

All the experiments are :

  1. Inflate the balloon without blowing
  2. Detecting balloon gas
  3. Coke and milk fight
  4. Boating with dish cleaner
  5. Who will mix with whom
  6. Lava lamp
  7. Recover coins
  8. The object will spread by itself
  9. Level vanish
  10. Fire test
  11. Loss of color
  12. Various celebrities with puppies
  13. Raisin dance
  14. Rainbow in milk
  15. Secret message in secret ink
  16. Big bubble
  17. Vegetable lamp
  18. Copper coating after iron
  19. Break salt with electricity
  20. Quickly vanish, slowly vanish

Whatever you learn

Each experiment is based on one or more chapters in a science textbook for grades four through ten, So no matter what age you give your child the Mystery of Chemistry science box, It will come in handy and stay.

  • 1 experiment – 4th class science book related
  • 1 experiment – 5th-grade science book related
  • 6 experiment – 8th-grade science book related
  • 5 experiment – 8th-grade science book related
  • 5 experiment – 9th and 10th-grade science book related




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