UNI T Digital Wall Scanner Meter UT387B back side
UNI T Digital Wall Scanner Meter UT387B uses of meter

UNI-T Digital Wall Scanner Meter UT387B

৳ 8,500.00

  • Digital Wall Scanning Meter
  • Model: UT387B
  • Brand: UNI-T
  • Made in China


UT387 series wall scanners are great tools designed for the construction and home development sector. These scanners can pick up hidden objects behind walls, such as metals, live electrical wires, and wood.

Applications of UT387B:
UT387B is designed for drywall, but it can also effectively scan hardwood flooring, plywood, and coated wooden walls. It has two scanning modes, which are used for scanning walls of different thicknesses.


Features of UT387A/UT387B Wall Scanners:

  • Buzzer indication
  • Auto power off
  • Error calibration alarm
  • LED alarm
  • Low battery indication

Specifications of UT387B Wall Scanners:

  • Ferrous metals: 80mm
  • Non-ferrous metals: 80mm
  • Copper conductors (live): 50mm
  • Wood: 20mm
  • Power: 9V battery (6F22)
  • Product color: Red and grey
  • Product net weight: 274g
  • Product size: 220mm x 83mm x 30mm
  • Standard accessories: Battery, carrying bag
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