Sodium Hydroxide 1 Kg Lab Grade India

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Sodium Hydroxide 1 Kg Pack

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Lab Grade Sodium Hydroxide, 1 Kg Plastic Bottle pack. Click for more information

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Sodium hydroxide, commonly known as caustic soda or lye, is a highly versatile and important chemical compound. Its chemical formula is NaOH. Here are some key points about sodium hydroxide:

1. **Chemical Properties**: Sodium hydroxide is a white, odorless, and highly caustic solid. It is soluble in water, producing an exothermic reaction. The solution, known as sodium hydroxide or caustic soda solution, is highly alkaline.

2. **Industrial Uses**: Sodium hydroxide is widely used in various industries:
– **Chemical Industry**: It’s used in the manufacture of various chemicals including detergents, soaps, and bleach.
– **Paper Industry**: It’s employed in the pulping and bleaching processes during paper production.
– **Textile Industry**: It’s used in the processing of textiles, particularly in the treatment of cellulose-based fibers like cotton.
– **Petroleum Industry**: It’s used in refining petroleum products.
– **Aluminum Industry**: It’s used in alumina extraction from bauxite ore.

3. **Cleaning Agent**: Sodium hydroxide is a powerful cleaning agent and is often used in household and industrial cleaning products for its ability to dissolve grease, oils, fats, and protein-based deposits.

4. **pH Regulation**: Due to its strong alkalinity, sodium hydroxide is used to adjust pH levels in various applications, including water treatment and food processing.

5. **Safety**: Sodium hydroxide is highly corrosive and can cause severe burns upon contact with skin or eyes. It should be handled with extreme caution, and appropriate safety measures, including protective gear, should be used when working with it.

6. **Storage**: It should be stored in a cool, dry place away from incompatible materials such as acids and organic materials.

Sodium hydroxide plays a critical role in various industrial processes and applications due to its chemical properties and versatility. However, its handling requires careful attention to safety procedures to prevent accidents and injuries.




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