Plastic Test Tube Rack 50 Holes with Silicone Gasket

৳ 300.00

  • Plastic Test Tube Stand with Silicone Gasket
  • Capacity: 50 Test Tubes
  • Size: 24.5cm x 12.5cm x 5cm
  • Made in China


  • Laboratory plastic 50 holes Centrifuge Tube Rack With silicone gasket, Test Tube Stander Sampling tube Holder Hole Size 18 mm.
  • Material: Plastic (PP)
  • Type: Centrifuge tube rack, Test Tube Stand
  • Size: Pore size 18mm, 50 Holes
  • Made in China

The appliance of Test Tube Rack 50 Holes:

The unique layer is equipped with a silicone gasket, which is made of special plastic to make the test tubes stand firm and durable. It is not easy to break and can fit all kinds of test tubes. Both the front and the reverse side can place the tubes, tubes can rise and fall freely, with high and low-temperature resistance, and acid and alkali resistance ( can be put in a water bath pot within 100 degrees resistance ). Sizes are suitable for kinds of test tubes in general inspection rooms and laboratories, test tube racks can reverse inversion, tubes will not fall off from the test tube racks, especially suitable for vacuum in blood vessels, etc.

Suitable for tube diameters of below 18mm test tubes or centrifuge tubes, such as 10mm-18mm test tubes, 5ml centrifuge tubes, 7ml freezing tubes, 10ml centrifuge tubes with cap, 10ml screw centrifuge tubes, 15ml centrifuge tubes with cap, 15ml screw centrifuge tube, etc.

Plastic Test Tube Rack 50 Holes Opposite View
Plastic Test Tube Rack 50 Holes with Silicone Gasket




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