Persil Color Pulver, 2.86Kg Per Box, Henkel Germany

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  • Persil Color Pulver Detergent
  • Pack Size: 2.86 Kg
  • Manufacturer: Henkel, Germany


  • Persil Color Pulver
  • Pack Size: 2.86Kg Per Box
  • Manufacturer: Henkel, Germany

Perfect washing results thanks to the Persil deep clean technology.

In 1907 Persil powder was introduced as Germany’s first automatic detergent and has been continuously developed since then. The innovative formula penetrates deep into the fibers and removes even the smallest stain molecules. At the same time, it protects the fibers from the formation of fluff and gives the laundry the tried and tested freshness of Persil.

Product Features

Powerful stain removal
Persil penetrates deeply into the fiber to powerfully remove even the most stubborn stains without pretreatment or soaking.

Radiant purity
The innovative formula keeps white and colored laundry sparkling clean, even after frequent washing.

A long-lasting and pleasant freshness
Persil ensures a pleasant, long-lasting freshness for your clothes.

Optimal fiber protection
for the long-term preservation of your favorite textiles.

Additional information

Weight2.86 kg




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