Oxalic Acid 1Kg Loose Pack

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  • Oxalic Acid or ethanedioic acid
  • Pack Size: 1Kg (Poly Pack)
  • Made in China
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Oxalic Acid is an organic compound that is also known as ethanedioic acid. It is an industrial chemical with multiple industrial uses. Oxalic acid is the simplest dicarboxylic acid and has the appearance of a white crystalline solid that forms a colorless solution in water. It is an odorless chemical compound. One of the common uses of this chemical is in dyeing processes where it is used as a mordant.

Oxalic acid is also used in other areas such as:

  • The removal of dirt, rust, and other difficult cleaning purposes.
  • In the pharmaceutical industries
  • Dyeing and printing industry
  • In organic synthesis
  • In the electron industry
  • It is also an important ingredient in some teeth-whitening products
  • Finally, it is also very widely used in extractive metallurgy.
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