Lovibond DPD No. 1 Tablet for Fast Water Testing 10 Pcs/Strip

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  • DPD NO. 1 Rapid Tablet
  • For Quick Water Testing
  • 10 Tablets per Strip
  • Brand: Lovibond
  • Made in Germany


  • Lovibond DPD No. 1 Tablet for Water Analysis.
  • 10 Pcs Tablet Per Strip
  • Brand: Lovibond, Germany
  • Marketing from India
  • The Water analysis couldn’t be easier. Precise dosing, long shelf life, and easy handling make the tablet reagent the most popular indicator system and the cheapest way to analyze a parameter. The DPD tablet reagent in the aluminum blister pack withstands almost all climatic conditions and external influences. In addition, there is no safety risk for the user.
  • Labtex Bangladesh is a seller and supplier of DPD-1 Tablets in the Bangladesh Scientific Market. If you need bulk quantity, please feel free to call 01710136523.




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