Jumper JPD-FR300 Dual Mode Infrared Thermometer

৳ 1,250.00

  • Jumper JPD-FR300 Dual Mode Digital Infrared Thermometer
  • Magnetic probe cover
  • ° C / ° F temperature mode
  • Power and measure button
  • 2 x AAA battery compartment


HD LCD, silent measurement, automatically switched between 35-42.5 °C forehead and ear temperature mode, easy monitor temperature reading °C / °F, one-second reading, store up to 20 different temperature readings with fever alert, professional accuracies, silent/child mode, hygienic non-touch, smart fever alert, magnetic probe cover, normal temperature green display and high-temperature red display, battery cover, free of toxins easy to clean and eliminates contact up to 1 inch.

Jumper JPD-FR300 Dual Mode Digital Infrared Thermometer

  • Brand: Jumper
  • Model: JPD-FR300
  • Display: HD LCD Display
  • Battery: AAAx2
  • Measuring range & Accuracy Forehead mode: 35-42.2 °C 0.2 °C/ 95-108 °F 0.4°F
  • Ear mode: 35-42 °C 0.2 °C/ 95-107.6 °F 0.4°F
  • Object mode: 0-100 °C 1.0 °C/ 32-212 °F 2.0°F
  • Memory storage 20 Sets of Measurement date
  • Temperature Units Celsius (° C) and Fahrenheit (° F) adjustable
  • Automatic Shutdown Function 10s 1s
  • Display Resolution 0.1 °C/°F




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