Glassco 10ml Glass Beaker

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  • Heatproof Low form Glass Beaker
  • Size: 10mL
  • Brand: Glassco
  • Origin: UK
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Glassco 10ml Glass Beaker Low Form with Pouring Spout & Printed Graduation Glassware Measuring Cup for Scientific & Multi-Purpose Uses in the Laboratory. Origin: UK

  • 10ML Beaker is ideal for practical research and feedback: This beaker is a versatile lab tool that can be used for measuring liquids, separating different substances, testing chemicals, and more.
  • Cylindrical Body, Flat Bottom: This flat bottom cylindrical vessel has a uniform wall thickness with marked markings and an excellent pouring spout that makes it perfect for lab use.
  • Highly Resistant Material: Made of premium quality thick glass, this beaker has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance, and high chemical resistance.
  • CLEAR METRIC GRADUATION FOR CONVENIENT READING: It is equipped with a clear scale and white markings that are easy to locate and have an ideal scale line for accurate measurements.
  • Chemistry, Biology, and Projects: Perfect for conducting experiments in schools and professional laboratories, can also be used for DIY home science projects. Apart from this, it can be easily cleaned like any other lab equipment.




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