Dearon Sphygmomanometer Valve with Bulb, BP Machine Bulb

৳ 150.00

  • Sphygmomanometer Valve with Bulb
  • Brand: Dearon
  • Made in China


Dearon BP Machine Bulb with Valve Set for Blood Pressure Monitor – BP Machine Accessories Replacement Pump Rubber Part

  • BP Machine Bulb with Valve.
  • Made by Deron in China
  • Use together with a sphygmomanometer for accurate blood pressure measurement.
  • Usable in any Model of Manual blood pressure Machine.
  • Replacement Accessories part of Manual Blood Pressure Machine of Any Company.
  • Easy to connect with a sphygmomanometer and easy to use for measurement.
  • Air-release value with Spring; Standard end value.
  • This bulb is compatible with any manual BP machine of any brand.




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