Digital Colony Counter J-3 China

৳ 21,500.00

  • Digital Colony Counter
  • Model: J-3
  • Origin: China


This instrument consists of a counter, sensor, counting cell, etc, a reasonable design that can give a visible colony comparison, easy to observe, coupled with a special pen, it will ring when counting and ensure the accuracy of the testing, apply to Petri dish from Ø50-Ø100mm, the magnification is variable, It is a necessary instrument for all levels of health and epidemic prevention stations.

Main Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 220v±10% 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption of lamp: 50w
  • Magnification 3 times
  • The capacity of the Counter: 0~999 or 0-9999
  • The diameter of the counting plate is Ø155mm
  • External Dimension 360×300×180mm
  • Model: J-3
  • Made in China




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