Accurate 15 Kg Smart Electronic Kitchen Scale with Stainless Steel Plate

৳ 1,700.00


Stainless Steel 15KG/1G Portable Balance Digital Kitchen Scale With LCD Electronic Postal Platform Baking Diet Food Weight

Featured of this smart Scale

  • High-precision sensor
  • Weighing range 1gm – 15000gm
  • Division value: 1g
  • High Definition Digital LCD
  • Automatic zero-point tracking
  • Automatic turn-off
  • Overload prompt
  • Unit-conversion switch (g/oz/lb/tl/kg/ water ml/milk ml)

Power Supply: 

  • This product adopts an environment-friendly design with ultra-low energy consumption. AAA battery powered.
  • Please remove the isolated thin film of the battery after purchase and then you may use it.
  • When the low voltage prompt appears, please replace the battery.
  • Brand: accurate
  • Made in China


  1. Don’t put the product in water or clean it with corrosive chemicals
  2. After any plastic part of the scale body is stained with oil, spicy ingredients, vinegar, or other stimulating substances, please clean it immediately.
  3. When weighing, please put the scale on a hard flat surface, don’t put it on a carpet or soft materials when using it.




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